It happens to the best: you turn a card you picked and it doesn’t speak to you. Your inner antennas do not stir even the littlest bit. Fear not: with these 3 Tips I help you over the threshold to enter your subconscious from a different angle and discover new territory!

unlock your subconscious

You just feel nothing. The universal meaning is known to you but inside nothing moves. You stare at it. Try to come up with sómething. You put out your inner antennas to sense even the littlest stirring of your intuition… but nope, nada and nothing. For those frustrating and slightly embarassing situations I have listed the following tips to unlock your subconscious. Because, you know, if it does not go as it should, so be it as it goes.

tarot reading

TIP 1: Pick cardS to further explore the first one

Single out the card that you wish to explore: put it in front of you. Depending on how much detail you need you:

  • Draw one extra card that will signal what energy is the source of your mystery card
  • Use this more extensive 3-card reading to really get to the bottom of it:
    1. the first card tells you what the underlying theme is of the mystery card
    2. the second card tells you what the lesson is you need to learn
    3. the third card will be advice on how to do so (what is good to do)
  • Feel free to create your own exploratory reading as needed depending on the card and/or the position of the card in the original reading

TIP 2: Like or dislike

Study your mystery card and notice the general feel of it. Now look up or bring to mind the universal energies this particular card represents. From these aspects, pick one that triggers or intrigues you most, either in a positive or a repulsive way…

Now finish the next question using this particular aspect: ‘How do I feel about someone who does / behaves like …’. Let me make this a bit more clear by taking the Emperor as example. The aspect that intrigues me most is that he is someone who will tell others what to do. So the question would be ‘How do I feel about someone who tells others what to do?’.

tarot card like

When asking yourself your question, you can answer with ‘like’ or ‘dislike. (In my case, I dislike the idea of someone telling others what to do.) Then try to give more words to the like or dislike: ‘I like / dislike … because …’ (So in my example: I dislike someone who tells others what to do, because they dominate others and that makes me feel uncomfortable as I don’t like being dominated. I want to decide myself what to do in any situation.’ Note: maybe you would like this aspect of the Emperor, for example because you find it easier when someone else decides so you do not have to take responsibility.)

The last step is to try and recognize how this statement relates to your own life. What situation or experience have you been through that made you feel this way? Go dig as deep as you can so you benefit most from this reading.


TIP 3: Adding scenes

Every single Tarot card can be seen as the depiction of a scene that belongs to a much longer, more expansive story. Usually we think of them in terms of the spot they take within their series and the ongoing flow of that series (e.g. the series of the Cups, or the Major Arcana).
But for this special purpose we look at the card as if it were a singular work of art, such as a painting in a museum. The artist has precisely chosen this moment and this scene because it best symbolises the whole story that it is part of. Think of the Mona Lisa: what happened right before he painted her that made her smile so knowingly the way she does? Or Van Gogh’s painting of the little café in Arles; who visited there that night and what happened between them? And then what did they do after closing time at midnight?

SevenofswordsNow take your mystery card and look at the scene that is playing out. For example Seven of Swords. Who is this person? Who is he sneaking away from? What and who is on the background and what do the Swords signify he is holding, or the two left behind? Then bring your fantasy to life and imagine what happened before he or she got there in the first place, and why and what role he or she played? And after this sneaking away, where does he or she go and what will happen to the swords that are now being carried? How will this person then feel and what was it good for? And so on…

Really go for it and turn it into a fairy tale or a thriller, wherever your  inspiration leads you. Feel how the card comes alive within you and discover new aspects that you might not have associated with it before. It’s fun to do and deepens your connection with a card!


respect your level

I hope one of these tips will have made a difference for you! If not, bear in mind that it might not be the right time for this piece of knowledge to enter your awareness. Our subconscious will only release content when you are ready for it and strong enough to deal with it. Because she is led by your soul and serves to protect you.

What you can do is take a picture of the Card and write about it in your Tarot Journal. Then look at it after a week / month / year to see if the meaning of the Card has been expressed in your life in the meantime. Nothing is ever lost!